Bungie surprised gamers during their recent live-stream, unveiling some new details and information on The Taken King. They not only revealed the release date for when the game's raid will be released but they also showcased a trailer for it as well.

YouTuber My name is Byf captured the footage from the live-stream where it revealed the September 18th release date for the raid known as King's Fall. Check it out below.

The video may be close to four minutes long but if you only wanted to see the glimpse of in-game action featuring King's Fall, you'll need to fast forward to the 2:40 mark.

As noted on Game Informer, it's hard to get a grasp on what's being showcased but we see glimpses of the boss as well as some of the areas that players will travel through. Up to six characters will have to work together to fight their way through the raiding dungeon in order to take down the Taken King, so that should prove to be challenging for a few hours just until someone uploads a glitch on how to solo the raid and kill the raiding boss with ease.

It could just be me but the new raid map almost looks like just another cavernous dungeon not unlike many of the other maps that were introduced to the game throughout its past year on the market. Then again, the trailer above is literally just a collage of gameplay snippets, so it's a bit unfair to start ragging on the game for what it may or may not have based on what could be less than a few seconds of actual gameplay.

Ultimately, The Taken King has had a rocky road leading up to its September 15th release for the home consoles. The expansion was highly criticized for its price – many feel as if this expansion pack is the price of a brand new game. In this case, with a price that high you have to justify it with a lot of worthwhile content. It's very rare that expansion surpass the $40 mark, but if they cost that much a lot of gamers are expecting substantial amounts of content.

I haven't really been a fan of Destiny because the core gameplay is just oh-so-boring and it seems to be less intuitive and less dynamic than Bungie's original Halo: Combat Evolved, much less a massive league behind what was accomplished with Halo 3.

Even still, after a lot of kerfuffles regarding The Taken King, its collector's edition, its pricing and a number of other “micro-aggressions” that popped up in the community surrounding Bungie's first-person shooter, it appears the game is still being hyped to the high heavens for its September release.

You can expect to begin raiding in The Taken King only a few days after the expansion pack goes live. Look for King's Fall to go up on September 18th for both Xbox and PlayStation home consoles.

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