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Steam's latest weekend deal centers around the first-person shooter series Deus Ex. For the next few days, all three games are 75% cheaper than usual.

The first two entries in the series, Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Invisible War, are both a mere $2.50 now. The discount brings Deus Ex: Human Revolution down from $30 to $7.50. Considering Revolution is less than a year old, that's a ridiculous bargain.

Also included in the discount are Revolution's three DLC packs. Collectively, this DLC adds five items, a side mission and a standalone campaign. This weekend, you can get all three packs for $5.

If you're interested in buying all of the above, you can save a bit more money by springing for the Deus Ex Collection. This bundle includes all the games and DLC for $15, making it a couple bucks cheaper than individually purchasing them.

In the Deus Ex games, players take on the role of a super-soldier with cybernetic (or nanotech) augmentations. They must unravel a global conspiracy by completing dangerous missions throughout the world. What really sets the series apart from other shooters is the amount of freedom afforded to players. You choose skills, augmentations and equipment to fit your playstyle. You can infiltrate an enemy base by sneaking in the back, hacking the side gate, or simply blasting your way in.

The first two Deus Ex games were created by the now-defunct Ion Storm. When that studio folded, the series hung in limbo until Eidos Montreal released Human Revolution last August. Surprisingly, Eidos managed to create a game that stayed true to the flavor of its predecessors. It's one of the rare cases where a series changed developers without suffering in quality.

The DX discounts will run until 10am PST on June 25th.