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Year of the Ladybug is not, as it turns out, a whimsical adventure starring an adorable insect and her cast of goofy friends. It's only a pitched project at the moment but, if it gets made, it turns out Year of the Ladybug is actually a survival horror game that looks creepy as hell.

The folks over at Siliconera picked up on this project in the planning stages from Canadian developer Mint Mentis. Honestly, it's a bit of a surprise to learn that Mentis hails from Toronto, as everything about Year of the Ladybug positively screams Japanese horror game.

From the protagonist to the setting to the handful of images we've seen so far, Year of the Ladybug looks to follow in the footsteps of such series as Silent Hill, Siren and Fatal Frame. Mentis already has the game's story written, now he's just hoping to find a home for its full development. Given how few quality horror games hit the market these days, we've got our fingers crossed that someone takes interest.

According to the game's description, protagonist James Hsieh visits a world that doesn't seem all that different from Silent Hill, as he describes it as a “hellish world full of demonic entities and nightmarish illusions.” Maybe this game will have a bit in common with the classic Eternal Darkness too, yeah?

Either way, with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's Silent Hills is well and truly canned, something like Year of the Ladybug might fill that gap quite nicely since, good lord, some of those images are nasty.

Unlike the Silent Hill games, though, Hsieh doesn't just stumble into a sleepy burg that has strange ties to his past. Ladybug starts off with more of a bang than that, as Hsieh must seek revenge in a club by murdering a man, shoot his way through some guards and hopefully reach the boss of the establishment.

Hsieh's plans go slightly sideways when one of the boss' guards shoots and critically injures him. He's finally arrested and eventually wakes up in a hospital, where the true nightmare begins. Demonic creatures start showing up, and now Hsieh and a little girl he stumbles across must rely on each other in order to escape.

Year of the Ladybug is being billed as a third-person survival horror game currently in development. We're hoping to hear more progress in that area soon.

If any of this seems even remotely interesting to you, then you'll want to drop by the game's official website. More details on the characters, story and mechanics can be found there, alongside plenty of disturbing concept art that will help give you an idea of the types of scares Year of the Ladybug might be going for.

So tell us, brave readers, would you be down to play Year of the Ladybug if it finds its way to market?
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