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Devil May Cry 4 Gets A New Lead Character

Devil May Cry 4 will be controversial, if only because the main character in the game is not Dante, the erstwhile star of the first three DMC games. The newbie is named Nero, and he looks like Dante, acts like Dante, and whines like Dante. Hmmm. This is either a total wimpout by Capcom, or it’s something new and different. Capcom does need to be careful, since they don’t want to repeat the mistakes of Konami with Metal Gear Solid 2, which had Raiden, and not Solid Snake, as its main character. At least for Devil May Cry 4, they’re making no bones about who the main character is.

Apparently Dante and Nero aren’t on the same side, since they do fight one another in the game’s trailer. It seems that Dante has gone nutso and is the bad guy. You DO play as both characters, but Nero takes the lion’s share of the time. Because of that, the story is bound to be a lot more complex, and well thought out. Capcom (at least for the 1st and 3rd DMCs) hasn't let me down in the storytelling department so far and I doubt they'll start now.

A huge change for the franchise is that Nero fights a little differently than Dante. He has only one revolver (while Dante has two) and a really big sword. The gun is double barreled, which compensates for losing the other gun. He also has a “demon arm”, because his arm’s possessed. This possession allows Nero to do different attacks. He can emit an multiple enemy slicing energy blast from his arm, or he can use it to “grab” enemies that are not near him, and bring them in for the kill. Expect this to change the combos that everyone’s been using through the first three games.

Graphically the game looks great, but is this truly a PS3 game, or a PS2 game that they’re hastily reconfiguring for the PS3? Visually speaking, it doesn’t look all that much different (at least at this stage) than Devil May Cry 3. This isn’t really a criticism, since everything looks good, but rather, a word of caution for anyone expecting something truly “next gen”. As long as Capcom remains honest about the addition of Nero to the game and builds upon Devil May Cry 3 (and its special edition version), this should be a great game.

For more info, check this trailer out for all of Dante and Nero’s goth-emo angst and fashion contest!