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It looks like the Diablo 3 beta testers are getting a bit bored while they wait for the full version to arrive. One tester decided to beat the beta's last boss with a level 1 character with no gear - and succeeded.

In the video below, a level 1 Witch Doctor takes down the Skeleton King using only his Poison Dart ability. He used no potions and wore no weapons or armor. It took a little under twenty minutes to accomplish.

Does this prove that the game's too easy? Not exactly. The Skeleton King is an early boss in the full game. As such, it's a very straightforward encounter: dodge his slow sword swings and hit him before he starts to wind up again. Another key aspect to killing him on level 1: The King is clumsy enough that he can accidentally kill the skeletons he summons, too.

Hardcore players shouldn't worry about D3 providing a challenge. The full version will feature four difficulty levels. The newest difficulty level, Inferno, is actually tuned for max-level players.

I had the opportunity to try out the D3'ss beta last week. Read my thoughts on the game here.

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