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Gamers can now stare longingly at their Diablo 3 characters while they're at work. Detailed character profiles are now viewable by signing into the official D3 website.

The profiles, seen in the screenshots below, show each hero's stats, skills and even keybinds. You can also see every piece of equipment on the character and their socketed gems. The Career tab shows your overall progress in the game.

Of course, these sleek profiles would be worthless if you couldn't show them off to other people. BattleTag friends can easily check out each other's characters. Furthermore, clicking on a BattleTag in the official forums will take you to their player profile.

On the whole, it's a nice tool for theorycrafting. You can easily check how more experienced players have tweaked their characters. This will be even more useful when D3's PVP arenas go live and min-maxing gains utmost importance.

Blizzard says they're going to add new features to these profiles over time. Additional tabs for achievements and artisans are planned for future updates.

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