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Diablo 3 players now have an easy way to farm up loot or beat that one boss giving them trouble. A new bug renders Wizard characters completely invulnerable to harm.

The process of activating this unintended god mode is as follows:

1. Select Teleport with Fracture rune and bind it to a key.
2. Select Archon, runed with Improved Archon.
3. Put your mouse cursor near or on top of your character.
4. Cast Teleport.
5. Immediately cast Archon.

A bug like this seems harmless enough considering the fact that PvP hasn't been added to the game yet. It has wide ramifications, though. If a player can effortlessly farm up loot, they can wreak all sorts of havoc on the auction houses. For that reason alone, you should expect a pretty quick fix from Blizzard.

If you decide to use this exploit, note that you're doing it at your own risk. Blizzard's policy is to ban you permanently from the game. The ban is tied to your account so you'd need a whole new account and new copy of the game to hop back in. This enforcement obviously depends on Blizzard catching you in the act, though.

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