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Someone had the cajones to put together a quick parody video of how Blizzard planned to run damage control using Diablo III's lead designer Jay Wilson and community manager Bashiok. The video is a load of laughs despite being very serious and dramatic.

The clip comes courtesy of YouTube user Crappy590590 and it features a clip from the Hindi movie Sakar. The clip is amazingly suitable for the events that unfolded recently but let me quickly recap for those of you who don't know: There was an interview with Diablo II's former designer David Brevik, a guy who is sometimes known as the Godfather of ARPGs. Brevik politely and professionally dissed Jay Wilson and crew at Blizzard South who worked on the community-panned Diablo III. Jay Wilson and crew got their feelings hurt and that's when Jay Wilson said “F**k that loser” on Facebook. Cue pitchforks and torches.

I thought the video was quite hilarious. The comments by Wilson and crew have long since been deleted from Facebook, but the public damage has already been done. Many websites already picked up on the comments and ran wild with them and now Jay Wilson's infamous statement has turned into a meme.

The cover-up failed and the whole thing makes poor old Blizzard South look like gutter trash rats who were mistakenly given chef uniforms at a triple star restaurant. Top chefs or not, a lot of gamers feel like they ate a $60 meal prepared by rats.

Nevertheless, the whole thing will probably be forgotten with Diablo III's latest patch, 1.0.4 dropping. I assume many diehard fans will forget that the Godfather of Diablo and all the loyal Diablo fans were rudely insulted by Jay Wilson and called losers. Don't you feel proud that you gave your $60 to support that delightful chap?

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