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The Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3 isn't just lucrative for gold farming companies. One player claims to have made $10,000 off selling items without using any hacks or exploits.

Reddit user WishboneTheDog offers up screenshots of his Auction House and PayPal accounts to back up these claims. He says that he played about 8 hours per day for the two months after the game's launch. Some days he played up to 14 hours, though. He made all of his money on the North America servers.

WishboneTheDog said during a Reddit Q&A that the economy for the game has been slowing down since June. It takes him about three times as long to sell an item at market price. Players finished the game and stopped buying gear because there was no need for it.

Still, the aspiring D3 entrepreneurs should stay hopeful. Blizzard didn't include player-versus-player at launch but plans to include it in Patch 1.1. Players seeking a competitive edge in PVP will flock to buy better gear as soon as a release date is announced for that feature.

How about you, readers? Have you had any luck with the Real Money Auction House? Or have you avoided that feature like the plague?

Have you made any money on Diablo 3's Real Money Auction House?

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