Diablo 3's expansion Reaper of Souls will end in Pandemonium, an ancient battleground where the forces of Heaven and Hell once fought. Today Blizzard let players know what to expect from this familiar location.

Pandemonium was once the center of the Eternal Conflict. Heaven and Hell battled for control of the nearby Worldstone, a powerful artifact that could create worlds. The stone was eventually stolen by the angel Inarius and demon Lilith. They used it to create Sanctuary, the world where humans live and most of the Diablo series takes place. Sanctuary soon became the main battlefield for the conflict between angels and demons.

The region of Pandemonium and its fortress, meanwhile, were forgotten. Players visited Pandemonium Fortress in the end of Diablo 2 but it merely served as a rest stop for them on their journey. The Fortress is much different by the time of Reaper of Souls because it's now inhabited by the Angel of Death, Malthael, and his minions. Players will fight Malthael's forces on the once-quiet battlefields and within the fortress itself.

"External zones are always the most challenging, but Pandemonium takes this to an entirely new level," Blizzard said today in a blog post. "Both the battlefields and the Fortress itself needed to encompass the feelings of being ancient and infinite without losing players in a way that would distract from gameplay. In particular, our designers carefully avoided the perception of being displaced or wandering in outer space. The challenge was in ensuring a sense of grandeur that could house colossal enemies, evoke the excitement of the unexplored, and still sell the basic idea of plumbing the depths of a massive, ancient fortress."

"This sort of dungeon delving is hardly new to the Diablo franchise, let alone in Act V. Pandemonium Fortress needed to be different from the Ruins of Corvus in the Blood Marsh or Bastion's Keep at the edge of Arreat Crater. Instead of finding an earthly construct, you'll find this eerie keep maintains the notion of a militant garrison while distinctly lacking the trappings of what one would expect from a human site."

During their trip, players will find angels and demons locked in battle as well as scavengers that live off the armies' scraps. One of the most interesting enemies introduced here will be the Realm Walker, a beast with a portal on its back. The portal, accessible once the Walker is dead, takes you to a small dungeon.

The most dangerous foe in Pandemonium, though, will be Malthael himself. Blizzard didn't provide any footage from that fight today. The battle also wasn't included in the beta for Reaper of Souls. They have to maintain some mystery, after all.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls will launch on March 25th for PC and Mac. Pre-order customers will get a Wings of Valor cosmetic item and Heroes of the Storm character for no additional charge.

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