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Diablo 3's first season is drawing to a close, Blizzard announced today. The studio outlined in a blog post how the transition to Season 2 will play out.

Diablo 3's Seasons were introduced in Patch 2.1 for the PC and Mac versions. Players must create fresh characters without access to the Paragon levels or loot from the rest of their account. With these new characters, they race to earn more Achievements or complete more Greater Rifts than the rest of the world.

Blizzard said on their website that Diablo 3's Season 1 will end on February 3rd at the earliest.

"While it's possible this date may shift, we will do our utmost to adhere to it. If any scheduling changes occur, we will be sure to provide an update."

At the close of the season, these characters won't be wiped out. They'll be moved over to your regular pool of non-Seasonal heroes so you can keep playing them. You'll need to create another brand-new character for Season 2.

All of your Seasonal characters' items, gold, blood shards will transfer over to your non-Seasonal character pool. Any Shared Stash, Artisan levels, or recipes you don't have on the rest of your account will also carry over. The total amount of Paragon experience earned in the Season will be applied to your account rather than the amount of levels.

"For example, if your Seasonal heroes reached Paragon 300, but your current non-Seasonal heroes are already Paragon 400, your new non-Seasonal Paragon level will still be less than Paragon 700 since higher Paragon levels take more experience to earn," Blizzard says.

Conquests, the subset of Achievements exclusively available during the Season, won't carry over. They also won't be part of the point total for your account's Achievements. These Conquests can be looked up in the Records section of your profile, though.

Leaderboards will be affected in much the same way.

"Once the Season ends, all Seasonal Leaderboards will be wiped and you will be unable to attain new Leaderboard ranks until the next Season begins. The results of the previous Season’s Leaderboards will remain available for viewing in-game. Once the new Season begins, a handy drop-down menu will allow you swap between the current and previous Season records. Don’t forget that you can also view current and past Leaderboards right here on our website."

The other major change coming with the close of Season 1 concerns the Season-exclusive loot. Players will no longer be able to earn the Helm and Shoulder transmogrification pieces awarded by hitting level 70. In Season 2, they'll be replaced by matching Boots and Pants. The new Legendaries that only dropped in Season 1, meanwhile, will be added to the normal loot pool for the game.

Blizzard says there will be a delay between Season 1's end and Season 2's start. It's unclear how long this break will last, though.

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