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Season 4 of Diablo 3 is set to begin later this month. During the new Season, players will have a fresh set of rewards to earn.

The potential loot for Season 4 characters will include Legendaries not available anywhere else. Bane of the Stricken is a new gem that boosts the damage an enemy takes from you with each successful attack. It also increases your damage against Rift Guardians and bosses by 25%.

Another interesting new Legendary is Henri's Perquisition, an offhand for Witch Doctors. The Perquisition is so named because it's made of cat. An unfortunate feline wandered into a ritual and was turned into a magical item.

Season 4 also includes two transmogrification items for players to earn. They're not brand-new this time around, though. Instead, you'll be able to earn the Conqueror's helm and shoulder pads from Season 1. All you need to do to get these cosmetic items is hit level 70 with at least one Seasonal hero.

To help players keep track of their progress through Season 4, Blizzard is adding a new tool called the Season Journey. The Journey interface breaks down the game's various challenges into Chapters and Tiers. If you complete all of the Chapters by the end of Season 4, you'll earn a portrait frame along with a cosmetic pet. The pet looks like a blue mutant sheep:

Season 4 pet for Diablo 3

In Diablo 3's Seasons, players create characters from scratch and then try to accomplish as much as possible before the season's end. In addition to exclusive rewards, players will also have access to new challenges called Conquests. At the end of the Season, Seasonal characters will be lumped into player's normal pool of characters so players have to start fresh when the next Season rolls around.

Seasons are sadly exclusive to the PC and Mac versions of Diablo 3. Blizzard says that consoles can't access the feature because of their "offline and disconnected nature."

To keep players from getting bored in Season 4, Blizzard also introduced a fresh set of Conquests to earn. On A Good Day / I Can’t Stop and Boss Mode / Worlds Apart have both been updated to conform to the new Torment X difficulty level. A new challenge called The Thrill / Superhuman asks you to reach Greater Rift 40 without using class set item bonuses. Additionally, Season 4 players can expect some boss-specific Achievements:
If you’ve somehow managed to chew through these and find yourself hungry for even more challenges, we’ve also added several Achievements requiring you to complete certain objectives when facing bosses. Can you kill The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One within 5 seconds of each other in the Realm of Turmoil? Now, you’ll be able to prove it!
Season 4 will kick off on August 28th, just a few days after Season 3 wraps up. Blizzard expects Season 4 to last at least three months.

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