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Android users can now keep tabs on Diablo 3's servers even while they're out on the town. Mobile developer Eluamous has released a free app called Diablo 3 Server Checker.

The free app lets players quickly check the status of the US, European and Asian game servers for Diablo 3. The user can also check the official "Service Status" messages posted by Blizzard on their website. Blizzard only posts Service Status messages on their U.S. website currently; if and when they add them to other regional sites, they'll probably be included in the app as well.

Eluamous has plenty of experience with these sorts of apps. They're responsible for World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic Server Checkers. Reviews for all three apps all seem decent, too.

Server outages are a big deal for D3 players regardless of whether they prefer single-player or co-op. The game requires players to be connected to Blizzard's servers at all times. You need to be logged in even if you're playing by yourself.

D3 launched worldwide on Tuesday. In these past few days, users have experienced server outages and lag. Blizzard apologized for the problems on Thursday and said they're implementing various changes to make the servers run smoother. Even when the game stablizies, Blizzard will probably take it offline periodically for maintenance so this app will be a good way to keep track of the downtime.

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