The diligent fan community for Diablo 3 has managed to unlock the final reward for the action RPG's launch site. A new animated short, Diablo 3: Wrath, is now available for viewing.

In the Diablo universe, angels and demons have been battling for thousands of years. In the games, players meet scores of demons but only interact with one angel: Tyrael. This video brings some balance to the story-telling by focusing almost entirely on the forces of Heaven.

Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung directed the short so expect a lot of high-flying action. Tyrael is a certified bad-ass but as the video shows, the rest of the angels are formidable warriors as well. Hopefully we see more of them in D3. I mean how many times does Diablo have to come back to life before they get off their ass?

If the six-minute short leaves you with a thirst for more Diablo, check out the making-of video that Blizzard released last week. In the video, Chung and the team at Titmouse explain how the project almost never happened.

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