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Before Diablo 3's launch, Blizzard plans to release an animated short called Diablo 3: Wrath that fleshes out the backstory of the game world. Today they released a behind-the-scenes video to let you know what to expect from this short.

Long-time Diablo players have seen - and killed - hundreds upon hundreds of demons. However, they've only encounter one angel: Tyrael. Wrath gives us a glimpse at the forces of Heaven and the divisions in their ranks.

Blizzard enlisted some high-profile talent for Wrath. The short is being made by Titmouse, Inc., an animation company whose credits include Avatar: The Last Airbender and Afro Samurai. The director is Peter Chung, the creator of the anime series Æon Flux.

The short will be released through the official D3 launch site soon. The exact timing isn't clear because the player community has to work together to unlock it. You can help the content become available faster by visiting the site and using its features. Creating custom in-game banners on the site and sharing its content through social media will both help the unlock progress.

D3 will launch on May 15th.

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