Diablo III isn't out yet but you can already start preparing your character. Blizzard has added an skill calculator to their website that lets you plan the first 30 levels of your virtual self.

The skill calculator allows you to choose six "active" skills, which are the abilities you manually use in combat. You'll then pick runestones, which alter these skills. For example, using a Crimson Runestone to modify your Wizard's Blizzard will cause the skill to last 10 seconds longer. Each character also gets a passive skill - essentially a bonus to your character's stats - every 10 levels.

Once you've finished your custom character, you might as well show it off. You can share it with friends via Facebook or Twitter. The calculator also generates a unique URL for your character build so you can pull it up when the game's finally released.

If you need more information before you decide on your character's abilities, check out the new game guide on the Diablo III website. It has all the essential information on the game's five playable classes. In addition to descriptions of the classes and their skills, the guide also features a wealth of screenshots, videos, and artwork so you'll know what spells look the coolest too. You can give feedback to the developers by leaving comments at the bottom of each class page.

Diablo III is currently in closed beta. The action RPG is expected to launch later this year.

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