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If you can't tell your Mephisto's from your Baal's, Blizzard plans to release a book that will help you out. At San Diego Comic Con, they revealed they're working on a sourcebook for the Diablo series.

Blizzard senior VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen said during the Blizzard SDCC panel that the book will be written from the perspective of Deckard Cain. Cain is an old mage who provides advice and other aid to players in Diablo games. The sourcebook is his journal, filled with information on the world of Sanctuary as well as the forces of Heaven and Hell that battle over it.

"[We're] pretty much trying to create a fairly tight compendium of all the Diablo lore in one nice edition," Metzen said. "With any luck, that book will pop around whenever [Diablo III] comes out and will be a very useful tool in getting caught back up on what's up with the Diablo universe."

When is Diablo III coming out, again? Well, it's expected to arrive later this year. Blizzard has yet to confirm a solid release date, however.

The full video from Blizzard's panel is below. The World of Warcraft collectible card game and a partnership between MegaBloks and Blizzard were among the other topics of conversation.