Softnetix Entertainment released a new trailer for Dimiria for PC. The game is a single-player action-RPG that combines some of the traditional isometric hack-and-slash elements from games like Diablo with strong magic-based mechanics from games like Sacred.

The team recently let loose the new footage of their title in an attempt to gauge community interest and garner an idea of what people think... so what do you think?

My first impression is easily one that recognizes Dimiria is an indie title. It doesn't take a lot of effort to see they're working with a constrained budget but they're also trying to make things work. The one thing that stood out the most to me are the animations. I think it's funny seeing how they tried going for male and female walking/running loops and the female walk loop is quite a sight to behold. I mean, they could have always phoned it in and recycled the skeleton for both genders; but then you sometimes run into a rigging problem that way. I'm quite sure the last thing anyone wants is for their game to look like their character models were strung through a Garry's Mod posing tool.

I think Dimiria shines most with its combat system and magic skills. The game has a really solid looking combat setup and the animations for pulling off some of the big moves looks pretty cool. In a way, I'm picking up a strong MMO-type vibe from this game where it may have been planned to be an online game at one point but was changed. Still, the targeting combat system looks functional and depending on how it scales (because really awesome high-level skills are kind of worthless if you have to grind through a lot of low-level, uninteresting combat encounters.)

The game will support multiple classes, ranging from mages, rogues and warriors, and will even sport multiple storylines for each class, similar to Mount & Blade. As noted on the information page...
The playable heroes also have their own beginning stories. A total of eight companions are met through the course of the game. After first meeting these characters, they are available as companions during all subsequent quests, fighting against enemies with you and lending their advice. These companions are each of a different class, making for a wide range of tactical possibilities.

Without a marketing budget (or at least a push to bring awareness to the title) and a real hook that gives the game a significantly different persona to many other medieval fantasy RPGs out there, I do wonder how Dimiria will fare against games such as Divinity and Risen, where you can get comparative experiences in a much larger (or grander) way.

Of course, though, this is just a beta trailer and there's still plenty more for the game to showcase (or at least, many people are hoping). If Softnetix has a fleshed out game world, gameplay and experiences to sell with Dimiria then it might find a nice place as a niche title amongst the other medieval titles currently on the market.

You can keep up to date on the game or learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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