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Splash Damage, the creators of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, announced a new multiplayer shooter today. They're developing Dirty Bomb exclusively for the PC.

The teaser trailer reveals a bit of gameplay footage. It shows gunfights on the streets of a quasi-futuristic London. At around 0:39, we see a player either setting or defusing a bomb.

A dirty bomb is an explosive weapon intended to contaminate an area with radioactive material. It's essentially a weapon for terrorism. Just based on that, it seems like this game is going to be a counter-terrorists vs. terrorists affair, with the latter trying to plant explosives and the former trying to stop them. Perhaps that's over-simplifying things, though.

The teaser site for Dirty Bomb is now live. It doesn't contain much information, though. For now, it just has links to a new discussion forum and registration form. Registering will allow you to reserve your character name for when the game launches.

The game is listed on WarChest, the publisher created by Splash Damage. WarChest specializes in free-to-play, digitally distributed multiplayer games. Presumably Dirty Bomb will be F2P, then.