Splash Damage released the first gameplay footage from their upcoming multiplayer shooter Dirty Bomb. The game resembles a slimmed down, free-to-play version of their 2011 shooter Brink.

Like Brink and Splash Damage's Enemy Territory games, Dirty Bomb appears to have character classes. Players are seen using mines, health packs and other special items in the midst of gunfights. Presumably players will have a lot of leeway in customizing these loadouts.

The maps in Dirty Bomb are multi-staged and objective-based. One team is seen planting a bomb on a barricade and defending it until it detonates. This allows them to proceed into the lab that the other team is defending.

Dirty Bomb appears to deviate from Brink in one vital way, though: there's no parkour. Brink allowed players to vault over obstacles with a push of a button without losing any speed. It was the most well-executed part of an otherwise bumpy game, so it's too bad that Splash Damage (apparently) hasn't included it in this game.

Splash Damage is developing Dirty Bomb exclusively for the PC.

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