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Kalypso Media and Akella announced Disciples III: Resurrection today, the sequel to Disciples III: Renaissance. The turn-based tactical RPG introduces a new race of undead.

In Resurrection, the land of Nevendaar is under attack by the Undead Horde, a collection of fallen beasts and heroes. They're exacting their revenge on the living in the name of their Goddess, Mortis. Death Dragons, vampires, and werewolves are some of the 50+ units introduced in the game.

This ravenous horde is led by none other than you. Yep, you get to be the bad guy. You must eliminate all opposition in Nevendaar with a combination of dark magic and brute force. The campaign is said to give you over 70 hours of tactical challenges.

Resurrection is due on the PC in January 2012. The first screenshots are below.

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