One of the big highlights of the upcoming futuristic racing game, Distance, is that the developers at Refract Studios decided to flesh out the game content by including the old levels from their original Digipen outing, Nitronic Rush.

The original Nitronic Rush was a free student-made game that rocked the indie sphere for its unique take on the racing genre. Players were tasked with only getting to the end of each level, which managed to increase in difficulty with each track. It wasn't just taking on the tracks but also dealing with obstacles and track hazards as well, requiring players to utilize fast-paced twitch skills in order to maintain speed while also avoiding easy ways to end up painted all over the walls of the background cityscape. Heck, check out this mind-wrecking gameplay from the original game below.

Distance is best described as a new generation of San Francisco Rush: 2049 meets The Grid from Tron, all while aiming for the speed and danger from F-Zero. If you took all those elements and then blended them up in a mixer bowl called “awesome”, you would get Distance.

Refract Studios upped the graphics, upped the visual density, upped the complexity and the gameplay mechanics to include things like split-screen play and online competitive modes, as well as multiple routes to help flesh out the originality and unpredictability of each race.

But the thing that really helps bring Refract's game to life is the soundtrack. The original Nitronic Rush had a score that seemed deeply inspired by the techno-trance tunes from Daft Punk, all wrapped up in its own original flair.

Anyone who has doubts and leeriness enveloping their judgment regarding Distance, don't sweat it. You can play Refract Studios' original racing title, Nitronic Rush, for free. If you want to get a feel for what they have planned for the spiritual successor, just head on over to the official Nitronic Rush website. The small taste of neon-flavored survival-racing might be enough to whet your appetite until the the fully fleshed out palette of futuristic, sci-fi racing fun goes live for Linux, Mac and PCs.

Also, if you're not keen on gaming on computers, don't worry too much about it. According to the press representative for Refract Studios, a console port is still a possibility and not completely off the table. So if you keep your hopes fresh and your eyes peeled you just might see Nitronic Rush glide onto a digital portal on a console near you.

The game is still in early alpha; but you can learn more about the Kickstarted racer by paying a visit to the official Distance website.

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