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For anyone planning on picking up Divinity: Original Sin when it launches June 20 and prefer to get the extra pretty-shiny-shiny version of games, you might be interested in knowing that you can now pre-order a Collector's Edition of the game that includes four different Divinity games, a set of RPG dice and a bunch of extra goodies to boot. Also, for those who want to try before you buy, a new Steam Early Access update means that Mac gamer can now play the game, too.

For the record, when the term “Collector's Edition” is being thrown around, in this particular instance, they actually mean it. Only 3,000 units of this upgraded version of Original Sin are being offered and half of those are already claimed by the game's Kickstarter backers. If you're hoping to get one of the remaining copies, you'll need to drop $95 and can only do so exclusively at the Larian Vault website.

As for the game itself, Divinity: Original Sin is an RPG featuring party-based gameplay, an isometric view and turn-based combat. In other words, it's an old school game that boasts some new school frills, including interactive sequences, deep party development and choices that actually come with consequences.

“There is one main goal, and how you get there is completely up to you,” reads the official Collector's Edition announcement. “Of course, everything is more fun with a friend and so is Original Sin, drop-in, drop-out multiplayer takes care of that, both online and locally.”

And now Mac players can join in on the fun and, yes, PC and Mac players of Original Sin can enjoy the game together. The Mac version also features full Retina support, a “Laptop Optimized” mode and support for loads of systems. Buying either version of the game, PC of Mac, gives you access to both at no additional charge, too.

Ready for a game breakdown? Here you go...

-Become a part of a reactive, living and open world. Explore diverse environments, find myraid creatures and tons of desirable items.
-Experience gripping, party and turn-based combat. Manipulate the environment and use skill and spell combos.
-Play in co-op multiplayer and engage in co-op dialogues. Shape your relationship with your partner that will influence the game.
-Classless system lets you shape your character any way you want with endless item interaction and combinations taking things to another level of freedom.
-Create your own adventures and share them online.

Convinced yet? Then give Divinity: Original Sin a look-see on Steam and, if you're experiencing especially deep pockets, consider picking up a Collector's Edition, yeah?

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