The second developer diary for DmC: Devil May Cry arrived this weekend, showcasing two additional characters. Voice actors Sage Mears and David de Lautour talk about their roles as Kat and Vergil, respectively.

In Limbo City, demons secretly control the human inhabitants. Rebellious youth Dante teams up with a group called The Order to free the city. The Order is headed up by Vergil, his long-lost brother. Kat, a psychic able to see demons, acts as a guide on Dante's missions.

The reboot hasn't been greeted with open arms. In fact, developer Ninja Theory received death threats over their approach to the game. Capcom's quite aware of the backlash, too. Here's how they introduced the video on YouTube: "Hey there DMC fans (and you too angry mob), here is the latest making of vid for your viewing pleasure. make sure to subscribe and leave us your thoughts."

DmC's previous dev diary focused on two of the main villains. It was released a week ago. Maybe we can expect the third to arrive next weekend.

The reboot will arrive on Xbox 360 and PS3 in January.

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