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It's very rare for a game to have DLC more detailed and feature-rich than AAA games, but Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve series has become synonymous with the term “feature-rich content”. That still applies to their latest DLC for the cartoon-style survival game, Don't Starve.

The latest expansion, Shipwrecked has exited Early Access and has officially launched for the base game, according to a quick report from Game Informer. The Shipwrecked DLC is available for $4.99 and requires the base Don't Starve game to work.

Players can either embody the disheveled Wilson on his attempt to get back home or create their own character to take on the adventure. This time around players will find themselves stranded on an island as they face off against new monsters, new obstacles, new threats and new challenges. It's all highlighted briefly in the launch trailer below.

Unlike the last outings, players will be able to explore more than just various land-based biomes. In the original Don't Starve it was simply about gathering resources and surviving through the night. In this newest expansion, a lot of the resources required to progress and survive are scattered across various islands that can only be reached using water based transportation.

Of course, traveling through the high-seas is a dangerous affair. There are sea monsters, sharks, and other scary deep sea uglies to watch out for. This means that players will have to research and craft weapons, research and craft bigger boats, and weather the storm of the new changing seasons that bring their own set of challenges to the table.

Don't Starve has garnered quite the community who is very supportive and very communicative with the developers. The series is one of the few that has grown through DLC alone where just about everyone agrees that it's worth the price of entry. Toward the end-run of the first Dungeon Defenders there was a lot of dissent and frustration amongst fans who felt as if the developers are taking advantage of the DLC model. There were some similar complaints with games like Saints Row IV as well.

In this case, gamers are very amicable toward Klei's monetary model. It has resulted in the company gaining a lot of success from the hand-drawn survival title. At the moment you can get your hands on the new Shipwrecked DLC and start crafting your own seafaring adventure by picking up a copy of the game from over on the Steam store for $4.99. For the first week of being on sale the title is discounted by 10%.

Given that you will need the base Don't Starve game to play the DLC, Klei discounted the original by 50% off, so if you want to play the new DLC but you don't have the base game, you can get it for only $7.49.
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