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One Dota 2 player has created the ultimate in-game tribute to Gabe Newell. This weekend he unveiled a custom shopkeeper skin for the PC MOBA game based on Valve's founder.

The Gabe Newell skin was created by Steam Workshop user Down Limit. Down Limit said the skin was intended as a thank-you to the Dota 2 development team for their work on the game and in advancing e-sports in general. The artist added that he hopes that Valve incorporates it into this year's New Bloom event.

"Many have told me that the developers won't notice this work and I understand that the chances of success are negligible. However, with the support of the community, do not rule out the possibility that the developers will notice my custom shopkeeper and add it for the New Bloom event time."

New Bloom is a Chinese New Year-themed event that debuted last year. Throughout New Bloom, players could challenge an A.I. boss called the Year Beast. They were also able to earn a new set of items inspired by ancient China.

The Gabe Newell shopkeeper skin doesn't necessarily fit the theme of that event. It still looks pretty awesome, though. I especially love the intricate patterns on the strips of cloth attached to his staff. The little Steam logos in the pattern are a nice touch. The character's face bears a striking resemblance to Newell's, too:

Dota 2 Gabe Newell and real Gabe Newell, compared

Even if this skin wasn't part of New Bloom, it's hard for me to imagine it not being used by Valve for some other event. One player on Steam Workshop proposed it could be offered to players during the next International. It's easy to imagine the skin being part of the TI5 Compendium.

If you're interested in seeing Gabe Newell tending your shop in Dota 2, head to Steam Workshop to upvote it.

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