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Dota 2 Reborn Has Officially Launched

Valve has just recently announced that Dota 2 Reborn has officially gone live. The updated mode features all of the previously announced upgrades and features, such as a switch over to the Source 2 game engine as well as enhanced UI and social features.

The news went live over on the official Dota 2 website where there's a very basic news post indicating that the dashboard has been changed to accommodate the new updates, so users will find it easier to navigate and make use of all the new features that have been implemented into Dota 2. They also mentioned that they planned on including the dashboard was supposed to be implemented sooner but they weren't too sure about it during the beta test...

We debated making this change during the earlier part of the beta, but we didn’t have enough confidence that it was correct until we got more feedback following yesterday’s release.

Well, the new and improved dashboard with the new and improved UI has been implemented into the game and that now means that you can easily navigate through some of the brand new features. For instance, this includes the brand new custom games in Dota 2 where players can make and alter their own modded content into Dota 2. This is accompanied with the Steam Workshop integration built right into the game itself, so you can browse through all the new content and mods without ever having to leave the game.

In a way, Valve is giving back to the community what the community gave to them. Keep in mind that Dota originally started as a total conversion mod for Blizzard's Warcraft 3 and from there it evolved over the years into the MOBA genre. Riot Games was the first to make big bank on the genre with League of Legends, and now Valve is cashing in good with Dota 2. The big difference is that Valve is now opening up the modding community to more opportunities so that perhaps a new mod for Dota 2 will spawn the next generation game genre, in the same way that Warcraft 3's modding community paved the way for Dota 2.

Additionally, they have added in better and more spectating tools. This is essential for the game's highly competitive tournament-level play that spans the globe. The spectating tools will make it convenient for broadcasting teams to get in on the action and showcase various elements to viewers without disrupting or stopping the flow of the match. This should, in theory at least, add a lot of high-end presentation possibilities for those live-streams that broadcast the regional and intertional showdowns that take place in Dota 2.

All of these new features are also powered by the new and improved Source 2 game engine. This includes all new physics properties, enhanced rendering and even better optimization for low-end machines.

Some of the other enhancements include detailed cloth simulations and even better lighting, ambient effects and better compatibility with Valve's Source Filmmaker. This makes it a lot easier to import and make high-quality movies in the free movie maker. I just hope the animation system is tweaked because man is it a pain trying to animate with the toolset compared to other 3D tools, even old ones like Lightwave and Milkshape.

Anyway, you can download the latest, updated version of Dota 2 right now or learn more about the changes and fixes with the changelog over on the Steam update page.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.