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It looks like there’s no shortage of Dragon Ball fans left in this world. The franchise's recently released brawler, Dragon Ball XenoVerse, is dishing out some rather impressive release figures. Only launching a few weeks ago, Bandai Namco is reporting 1.5 million units of the game have shipped so far.

Sure, that figure refers to copies of the game that have been “shipped” and not necessarily “sold,” according to Siliconera. But with no mention of digital sales figures and Xenoxerse disappearing off of shelves, 1.5 million probably isn’t too far off the mark. The game led sales in Japan for a couple of weeks and, according to various message boards, can be hard to find on retail shelves here in the States. Also, launching late in February, XenoVerse still managed to be the second best seller for the month on the PlayStation Network.

In a statement released by the publisher this morning, Producer Masayuki Hirano said that the staff has been quite pleased with the game's reception, considering how different it is from the usual Dragon Ball fare.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support on this new challenge,” Hirano said. “We decided to take a risk and create a completely new concept to entertain our fans and Dragon Ball lovers and we are quite proud of the successful result!”

XenoVerse's success is surprising for a number of reasons. Sure, there was a new movie last year, but for the most part, there hasn't been a lot of new DBZ content out there since the show/manga wrapped up years and years ago. Also, the most recent game, Battle of Z, wasn’t well received by critics or fans.

However, Dimps is famous for its Dragonball titles, and this is the company's first DBZ game in a while. So, the positive buzz isn't surprising. Releasing on PS3, PS4, and PC, this was also the first Dragon Ball game to launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which could have accounted for some of the excitement. There’s also the fact that a new fighting engine is being used, mixing some classical systems with a bunch of new twists. Finally, there's a create-a-character feature that lets you plug your own warrior directly into Dragon Ball's history.

Added up, that’s a good formula for success. I, for one, am still playing the game even though I wrapped up my review run weeks ago. I don’t stick around for many games, so that should say something about how addicting XenoVerse can be.

And let’s not forget about the three-pack of DLC. The first batch launches this week and includes new characters, a new map, new story, and side missions. Plus, it has all new masters, moves, and costumes.

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