Christmas may be over, but the folks behind Dragon’s Call II managed to sneak just one more present under the tree. It looks like when the servers went down last week for regular maintenance, they came back online with two new systems added to the game: A Colosseum and a brand new map for players at level 100.

Some MMOs like to tout their expansions in big, fancy, in-your-face campaigns. Others prefer to take a more humble approach. With the latest bit of content being added to Dragon’s Call II, however, the approach was so humble that it wasn’t even brought up until a week following its launch.

A 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG featuring all of the high fantasy and adventure the genre is best known for, Dragon’s Call II got a double dose of new content for players to enjoy during a regularly scheduled server maintenance last week. Players can now take part in a PVE Colosseum or explore the Frontier of Chaos with their level 100 characters.

The new Colosseum system gives players a new way to acquire Reputation and Honor in-game, great for leveling up your favorite characters while challenging some of the most powerful bosses in the game. The Colosseum becomes available once you reach level 15 and turns well-known friend and enemy characters into “demonized” baddies in need of a good thrashing.

As for the new zone, players can now head to the Land of Chaos, which is located southwest of the Pandar Prairie. It’s a realm of disorder, occupied by all sorts of powerful, weird creatures. The new area is ruled over by the powerful Dragon Soul, so you might want to bring along a few friends if you’re looking to enjoy everything the Land of Chaos ha to offer.

For more information or to jump in and play for free, visit the Dragon’s Call II official website.

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