Not all video games require a massive download and $60 price tag. Take Aeria Games’ newest title, Dragon Crusade, for instance. It’s a massively multiplayer online strategy game, but it’s entirely browser-based and free-to-play. Also, it officially launched today.

Building a strong civilization and crushing your foes in battle is the name of the game in Dragon Crusade. Players choose from one of six races with unique attributes and building structures, and build their empire from humble beginnings to a mega medieval metropolis.

When you’re not building your city and managing resources, you’ll occasionally be asked to tackle the occasional side quest, take part in instances and large-scale battles. It looks like all that fighting will be half of the fun in Dragon Crusade. Players will also build their own super-powered hero character, complete with their own stats, abilities and even a pet to keep them company.

If you don’t feel like attacking your fellow player, you can always form an alliance, which will grant both parties additional benefits and unique buildings for their budding cities.

Then again, you can also go to war, battling fellow online players or taking part in a competitive PvP mode that will pit your heroes against one another.

Costing you nothing in dollars and zero in hard drive space, it couldn’t hurt to at least give Dragon Crusade a try. To dive right in, head on over to the official website.

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