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MMOs continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Pretty soon it won't be long before story-oriented MMOs like Dragon Nest and The Old Republic become the industry standard. Another feat that the genre seems to be overcoming is cross-platform compatibility, or being able to play with other people who are using various devices to access the game.

Game Insight has announced today that their new MMORPG, Dragon Eternity, has entered open-beta and gamers can play the title with other players across mobile devices, the web and phones.

Alisa Chumachenko, CEO at Game Insight...
"Dragon Eternity is, by far, one of the most ambitious and exciting projects we've taken on,"..."Our experience developing and publishing titles for multiple platforms on a global scale has given us a unique toolset to bring players an incredible gaming experience on their platform of choice."

It's nice to see MMOs evolve in this way, giving gamers more options and ways to experience some of these titles. I'd have no idea how well this would work for an action-oriented MMO like Fallen Earth, APB or Vindictus but I guess we'll let them figure out when the time comes.

The game sports a lot of the typical qualities associated with an online RPG, including thousands of quests, looting bosses for sweet gear and going on looting raids with friends.

Crafting also plays a big part of the game as well as trading and PvP. The game is currently in open-beta so you can hop in and find out more, right now, by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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