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Nexon America’s free-to-play, hack-and-slash MMORPG, Dragon Nest has officially launched in North America, exiting the beta and becoming commercially available to anyone with a PC who meets the bare minimum requirements.

Dragon Nest looks like a typical Korean MMO on the outside, but realistically it’s a hack-and-slash, fast-paced, skill-based RPG that requires a lot of teamwork and dynamic, critical thinking to out-smart and out-fight the opposition. In some regards, it’s a slightly more casual version of Vindictus, which, as we know, is pretty much designed for edge-of-your-seat core gamers.

Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America commented in the press release, saying…
“Dragon Nest represents the next big step Nexon is taking to bring exciting, engaging and accessible content to audiences in North America and beyond,” … “After witnessing the overwhelmingly positive response to the game during its open beta test, we’re confident that Dragon Nest will raise the bar for what an action MMORPG can be.”

Personally, I still prefer Vindictus as the go-to game for action-oriented MMO role-playing, but for those of you who aren’t too keen on the continuous button-mashing affairs of Vindictus and prefer something a little more grounded in the traditional MMORPG build then Dragon Nest offers a nice mix of old-school meets new-school.

The game sports four character classes, and with the new update a level cap increase to level 32, along with six new skills to master and more than 250 different achievements to attain.

You can download and play Dragon Nest right now, for free. Simply head on over to the Official Website to grab the client and start playing.