Dragon’s Prophet is finally ready to turn the badass meter all the way up to 11 with the launch of the Evolution-Phase One expansion, A Trinity of Dragons. Along with all of the usual new bits and baubles expected out of an MMO update, this one finally introduces mounted combat to the adventure, letting players wage war while sitting astride their trusty winged beasts.

You know the movie How to Train Your Dragon, where that Viking kid decides to stop warring with dragons and learns that they can all live in harmony? Well, Dragon’s Prophet is a lot like that, only way more violent and not all of the dragons want to become your new BFF. An MMORPG, Dragon’s Prophet let’s players explore a vast and beautiful 3D world overflowing with dragons and all sorts of other nasty creatures. Dragons have always been a reliable source of transportation but, with the Trinity of Dragons expansion, players can now take their trusty steeds into battle, too.

“A trio of healing, tanking and damage skills are now available for dragons, which allows for a more dynamic combat experience and creates entertaining fights for players to enjoy,” reads the official expansion announcement. “Whether a player wants to specialize in a single area or be more versatile, it’s entirely up to them.”

Along with these new mounted combat options, the Trinity of Dragons expansion also boasts a brand new high-level dungeon called the Shrine of Handras, full of new quests, monsters and obstacles to overcome.

According to Director of Brand Management Marco Neubert, fans of Dragon’s Prophet should be pretty excited for what this new update has to offer.

“The new features give the game more depth, let the players develop an even stronger relationship with their dragons, and results in a more dynamic flow of combat,” Neubert said.

Honestly, I’m not sure he even needed to say any of that. Just tell the players they get to ride dragons into battle and I’m pretty sure the excitement will build naturally.

As for that new dungeon, the Trinity press release fleshes out a few more details for players’ brand new stomping ground.

“Explorers will find the entrance to the fully submerged instance in the southeastern region of Olandra,” reads the statement. “Inside the shrine, brave adventurers will find a number of belligerent water monsters, dangerous whirlpools and five fearsome bosses. Only those who have paved the way through the algae forest, past sunken ships and giant clams, will face the final battle with the dragon Handras.

For more information regarding this free-to-play MMO or to sign up and get to questing, head on over to the Dragon’s Prophet official website.

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