The Pandoran Age Chronicles is about to get a little bit of recognition in the video game circles assuming the new game from Chronos Productions gets out of the concept phase and heads into full-on production. The game is set within a tech-noir society that's about a few floating trash cans and rusty coiled cables away from being called “cyberpunk”. Players fly around in hovercars, out-running gangsters, partaking in races and pulling off all other sorts of tech-noir related activities in a futuristic city.

The city designs and vehicles are great. I actually really love this design style and the art that helps bring the game to life. It reminds me a lot of Ralph Bakshi's Spicy City meets Anachronox meets Zone Raiders. You won't hear any complaints from me about the combination of those elements.

The game – based on the concept videos – seems to revolve around vehicular air travel. Now, in the concept video above we're looking at a combination of path-set traffic and maybe some racetrack segments. Other videos from Chronus seems to suggest that there are free-roaming areas as well, as indicated in the video below.

It's a little too bad that we don't have something a bit more concrete regarding the actual gameplay concepts, because I would really like to know a bit more about what it is that players do as opposed to guesswork and piecing things together from videos, screenshots and mysteriously ambiguous descriptions.

Speaking of descriptions... the official description for the game, however, seems to point to something a bit more story oriented, noting...
You were a champion aircar racer, once, Billions cheered across the galaxy as you took the Chrysalis Isla cup. That was a long time ago. Now you're holed up in a warehouse in the Pink District at Deneb IV, beholden to the Paramon Mob and they just got into something deep. You're not really sure what's going down, but they're busy with damage control and it's the first chance you've had in a couple years to escape the warehouse. Make a run from them. You'll have no one to turn to. Not the authorities, the Transhuman Overlords aren't known for mercy to anyone, much less the outlaw denizens of the vast regions of the planet wide city they have gone offline on. It's a dark age in the galaxy, and you're deep in its darkest corners.

Thus, players are tasked with escaping from Deneb IV. I don't really understand how you can pull an entire game out of this concept (maybe there are flashback sequences of races the player partook in or heists or other things to flesh out the gameplay?) but I like it a lot.

The entire atmosphere also reminds me a lot of Enki Bilal's live-action Immortal Ad Vitam, which had an almost identical feel to the vehicle and city designs... that sort of techno retro-noir feel. Did I also mention that the 50s style flying hovercars are completely sexy? Yeah, because they are.

Whether or not anything will actually come out of this is anyone's guess, but again, the concept is neat.

There are a ton more videos on the official Steam Greenlight page, so maybe we'll see something a bit more concrete in the coming months, assuming this isn't a vaporware concept.

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