Subscribe To Dragonica Fuels The Romance With New Marriage System Updates
In real life, most people get married for tax reasons; in video games, most people get married for the special marriage gifts. Dragonica Online’s new marriage system isn’t just about getting it on with a virtual significant other, it also opens up an exclusive new quest line just for newlyweds. New items and special goodies can be earned from the quest line once it's completed.

As stated in the press release…
As part of the upcoming wedding system update players will gain access to four brand new PvP maps and a skill reset scroll for the fourth job change quest, which is perfect for those after an adventurous honeymoon.

So after you get married and have a fallout you can settle your differences in the new PvP…that’s really quite convenient actually. I doubt that marriage PvP would work well in real life…I mean, OJ Simpson was a perfect example of that.

You can learn more about the new marriage system by heading over to the Official Dragonica Website.

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