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Gala Networks Europe has announced that its free-to-play manga-inspired action MMORPG, Dragonica, is about to see a boatload of improvements thanks to the upcoming “Phoenix” patch, due July 24. According to Gala, the patch was dubbed “Phoenix” because Dragonica is about to be reborn, playing and looking better than ever.

The most noticeable change coming in the Phoenix update will be the actual look of the game, as Dragonica will be brighter and more colorful than ever thanks to a graphics overhaul that will provide more definition and texture. Those looks will be even further enhanced with a new resolution option, allowing the game to support up to 1920x1080, making Dragonica playable in full HD for the first time ever.

Not only will the game look better, but the introduction of chain combos will also mean the game plays better, too. Players will be able to use this new chain technique to, well, chain together combos, making combat more fluid while allowing characters to really pile on the damage.

Next, and for a limited time, the Phoenix update will allow players with a character over level 50 to create a free level 40 character of their choice. Players will be able to choose their class and race, then receive a full set of armor, a weapon and a bunch of other goodies to help them in their questing. Think of this as a way of saying thank you to the players who have kept Dragonica going strong.

Finally, a number of user interface changes will be made during the July 24 update, as well as the inclusion of a new party buff, updates on several dungeons and maps, and a bunch of PvP buffs for all classes.

To learn more about Dragonica, the Phoenix update or to start playing for free, visit the official website and start building your first character. Or, you could just wait for the late July update to hit and jump in once the game has a new coat of paint slapped on it.

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