Remember that game of universally epic proportions? The game that pitted the fearsome Unicorn against the indomitable Dragon. Well, that game needs a little help getting off the ground and Digital Harmony Games has announced that Dragons Vs Unicorns is now officially a part of the KickStarter campaign.

The company is aiming to raise capital for the game to get it out and about to as many gamers as possible within a timely manner. Digital Harmony has set the goal to a modest $45,000 which they are aiming to rack up within the month.

The game itself is a crazy title that mixes brutal combat with real-time strategy and all kinds of exploding animals, violent Unicorns and raging Dragons. You can check out a brief gameplay trailer for Dragons Vs Unicorns below.

We had a poll when the game was first announced asking which would win in a cosmic battle to the death, and it was a unanimous 99% sway for the Dragon. One person said the Unicorn would win only if they were a cyborg-terminator with zombie powers. I tend to agree.

And even though the Unicorns look like the offspring of a mentally challenged horse that tripped and fell and mated with an albino Lemming, that doesn't mean they can't open up a can of whoop-butt. Never underestimate the creature with a pointed knife-like protrusion sticking out of their head.

Anyways, you can start donating to the Dragons Vs Unicorns KickStarter fund by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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