It’s a battle as ancient as time itself: Dragons vs. Unicorns. It’s a war that has raged on for generations and, now, you have the opportunity to take a part in this most epic of struggles. Dragons vs. Unicorns releases today on iOS and, even better for you Cheapy McCheap-Pants in the audience, it’s totally free.

Coming from Digital Harmony and the frustratingly uncapitalized thumber, Dragons vs. Unicorns thrusts the player into a tower defense game setting wherein unicorns are under attack by the fire breathing monstrosities and you are their only hope for survival.

In Dragons vs. Unicorns, you and your unicorn companion must protect your eggs from the nasty dragons. Once the eggs hatch, they will become Chibicorns, vicious little horned wonders trained in the ancient art of combat. With your Chibicorns, magical items and a whole slew of fairytale companions at your disposal, you and your merry band of heroes must quest further and further through the world of Winkeros in hopes of confronting the Evil Dragon.

The game is set across five worlds and 40 levels, controlled with simple tap and swipe commands. There’s global leaderboards to see how you stack up against your fellow players, as well as a collection of achievements to unlock for your valiant efforts.

While Dragons vs. Unicorns is not yet ready for the Android Market, it’s available starting today for iOS, for free. To check it out for yourself, just head on over to iTunes.

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