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Drakensang Expansion Heads To The Dwarves' Myrdosch Region

Over the icy mountain, smoke rises into the setting sun as the dwarves of Myrdosch await their heroes. Online MMORPG Drakensang has released a new content pack and, in it, you get to be one of those heroes.

The Drakensang Myrdosch expansion is now live, thrusting players into a whole new region with new gear, enemies and an epic new boss to overthrow on a quest to save the people of the dwarf capital. A civil war has raged for 200 years and, following a brief and bloody stalemate, it appears as though the Evil Dwarves and their machine hybrids are posed to strike a final blow on their breathren.

Your job is to stop that from happening in BigPoint's massive RPG all about busting baddies, swiping loot and exploring a massive world. The Myrdosch expansion allows players to take a trip through the vast new region of Myrdosch, complete with a newly raised level cap (moving from 40 to 45), 30 brand new NPCs to interact with, 100 new quests to tackle, 12 new monsters to battle and one very angry boss to wage war against.

In Drakensang's latest expansion, your job is to travel to the land of the dwarves and explore their crystal-strewn caves, death-ridden battlefields and even a mechanized stronghold full of ghastly new enemies. You'll learn about the history and the legends of the region as you travel, including where the menacing dwarf/machine hybrids that are terrorizing the countryside actually came from.

Along the way, players will pulverize Buzzsaws, Iron Creepers and Stone Golems aplenty, eventually going toe to toe with the Destructor himself, a massive robot that draws its power from a seemingly never-ending supply of energy.

Like any good MMO DLC pack, you can expect all of the usual trimmings out of Myrdosch, too, including 150 new items to utilize and equip or use on your hero, new new talents per class, a dozen new class-specific items per class, new world drops, pets, a steam engine epic mount and more. Many of these items will be for-purchase loot, giving players a chance to show some appreciation for an otherwise free-to-play experience. As an added bonus, other heroic dungeons within the game have been completely reworked, giving seasoned vets a chance to rediscover their old stomping grounds from a new centralized location.

To find out more about Drakensang and work your way into the Myrdosch region, head on over to the game's official website.

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