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Development on Dreamfall Chapters, the follow-up to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, will proceed as planned. This morning the PC adventure game hit its Kickstarter goal of $850,000.

Dream Chapters continues the storyline of the previous two games. Players will travel between the cyberpunk world of Star and magical fantasy realm Arcadia. The game also introduces the dream-like Storytime, seen briefly in Dreamfall.

Gameplay wise, Chapters is a point-and-click adventure. Players explore the environment, gather items and solve puzzles. The much-maligned combat and stealth from Dreamfall won't be making a return.

Red Thread Games, an indie studio, is producing the game on their own. The company is made up of many members of the Dreamfall development team, including series creator Ragnar Tørnquist. Funcom, the owner of the franchise, has licensed it to Red Thread.

Now that the game has hit its initial Kickstarter target, the focus turns to stretch goals. Developer Red Thread has announced three so far. If they raise $900,000, they'll create Mac and Linux versions. The $950,000 goal is an in-game location called the Great Library of Marcuria with a stockpile of lore for players to read. Should gamers pony up $1 million, Red Thread will add additional locations, characters and side stories. Additional details on that stretch goal will be announced in time.

To show gamers how the project is shaping up, Red Thread also released a new screenshot and gameplay footage.