You like robots? You like inebriated robots? You like shooting inebriated robots? You like bullet-hell games? You like bullet-hell games with drunken robots? Well then, good sir (or madam), you're probably head-over-heels into drunken robot porn; and since this fact has been established, you might want to check out and purchase Drunken Robot Pornography.

The game that puts metal shards and cybernetic dynamite together, fusing them into a cocktail of explosive enjoyment, marrying a martini of first-person bliss with the orgasmic nature of robot action dipped into a confetti-palette of pure awesome.

I remember when Drunken Robot Pornography was making the rounds around the same time as AntiChamber, only it was a game that was paid far less attention than what it deserved. And if that launch trailer is anything to go by, Drunken Robot Pornography deserves all the same attention that a Hawaiian shirt gets from retired used car salesmen.

However, this bullet-hell, arcade robot-shooter isn't quite getting over as well with everyone. Some people are taking great exception to the name, calling it offensive and sordid. One user went as far as to decry the game and ask for a name change, while another made a case for the children, writing on the forums...
“there are young kids who use steam, including my little 8 year old brother, this shouldnt be on the front page its irrispnsible”

It's very true, a lot of people are taking great offense to the fact that there are drunken robots in the game. I mean, think about the kind of message this sends to our youth? Robots getting plastered and falling out on the floor? Robots getting sloppy drunk and groping battery flaps and fondling junket outlets like a blind man trying to plug a three-pronged toaster into a two-pronged socket. I mean, this is just a step away from seeing Robocop slopped over a bunk with slobber dribbling from his mouth and a piss-wet bed.

Seriously, think about the children?!

Nevertheless, a lot of people have come to terms with the game's knee-deep dive into the mechnical binge of robot blasting and intoxicated, bullet-hell porn. It's a game that only comes along every so often and a bunch of gamers are reveling in its absurdity.

I don't think Drunken Robot Pornography will ever achieve a grand following of mainstream proportions, but here's hoping that the game does well enough to make developer Dejobaan Games rich enough to consider porting this over to the PS4 and Wii U. We all know both systems could use a few more titles with “Pornography” plastered all over the box, am I right? Am I right?

You can pick up a digital copy of Drunken Robot Pornography right now from the Steam Store or the Humble Bundle Store for 10% off at $23.99. For more info feel free to pay a kind visit to the game's official website.

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