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One of the most popular new MMOs is the side-scrolling RPG from Nexon called Dungeon Fighter Online. The company announced that the latest expansion for the game has gone live and it’s time for players to experience The Reckoning.

As stated in the press release…
Act V: The Reckoning, changes the cross-bearing Priest class including his basic appearance – he’s pumped up with muscles and a new haircut. Priest default skills add the melee skill “Smash” and remove the “Slow Heal” skill. Also, the update adds new skills and awakenings to each of the three Priest subclasses.

In addition to overhauling the Priest there are new changes to the sub classes as well as new Epic quests and adjustments to lower-level quests so newbs will have an easier time getting off the starting line. You can play the game, for free, by visiting the Official Website.

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