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You know what’s better than killing monsters in a fantasy themed amusement park of death and destruction? Why, doing all of that killing with friends, of course. Paradox Interactive wants everyone to gear up for upcoming co-op hack’n’slash title, Dungeonland, and have therefore announced a release date of January 22nd, offered up a pre-order goodie and made ready a stabtastic launch trailer for everyone to enjoy.

Pre-orders are now open for Paradox’s upcoming Dungeonland, a violent quest through a maliciously crafted park where all of the rides and employees are bent on killing the visiting heroes. In order to kill said heroes, however, Dungeonland first needs you to purchase an admission ticket. Did we mention your fellow players may also be bend on killing you, too? It’s a good thing Dungeonland allows such tomfoolery.

“The sooner you get off your heroically gigantic rear and pre-order, the sooner you can start disposing of your miserable little ‘friends,’” said Dungeon Maestro, VP of Formerly Human Resources at Paradox Interactive. “As much fun as it is to take a personal tour of Dungeonland, there’s no better way to visit the park than with other players. It’s such a helpful way to sort out your relationships—which of your peers contains the most blood, which one looks the tastiest to a dragon, and so forth.”

To pre-order Dungeonland before its Jan. 22 launch date, just head on over to the game’s official website. All pre-orders will come with a free Grimoire Pack, a special set of perks that allows the person playing as the Dungeon Maestro to unleash some “sneakier traps and meaner monsters.”

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