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You know what’s awesome? Waging war in a twisted carnival of doom. You know what’s even more awesome? Waging war in a twisted carnival of doom, free of charge. And that’s exactly what everyone can do now that Paradox Interactive has announced a “Free Admission Edition” of their latest co-op action game, Dungeonland.

In Dungeonland, a trio of players run headlong into a theme park designed to be their undoing, offering endless hordes of monsters, loads of loot and booby-traps galore.

“In the new Free Admission Edition, Dungeonland’s colorful DM tower stage will be available to all players free of charge, in both normal play and in DM Mode—where one player commands the park and its inhabitants against three ‘friends’ they would like to slaughter,” reads a statement from Paradox.

From there, players can purchase three additional stages, including the Cannibal Kingdom, Arcane Kingdom and Infinite Dungeon. If you’ve already purchased Dungeonland, then your version of the game will automatically update to this All-access Pass version of the game, instantly unlocking all of the content.

“When my minions originally suggested free admission to my glorious park, I initially planned to have them set on fire for a few days,” said the Dungeon Maestro, VP of Accounts Slayable at Paradox Interactive (Get it!?). “But then, in my genius, I realized I had nothing to worry about. These moronic heroes are all going to get themselves killed in here, at which point we’re just going to loot their corpses. The more, the merrier, I say.”

In other words, you can look at the Free Admission Edition of Dungeonland as a way of enjoying a fourth of the game’s content at zero cost. If you’re picking up what the game is putting down, then you can take the full plunge and buy the All-access Pass for $4.99. Or, you could just keep playing that same map over and over again. It’s up to you.

Available through Steam, Dungeonland also updates with Trading Cards today, giving those virtual collectors out there more reason than ever to jump in and take the game for a spin.

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