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PD Design Studio's newest game is called Dusty Revenge, players take control of an angry anthropomorphic rabbit and proceed to unleash all kinds of furry vengeance on those that did him wrong. The game sports a unique ally system, fast-as-a-rabbit-on-crack combat and a similar combo system to Klei's cult-classic Shank.

Given that describing games no one has ever seen before is a difficult thing to do, I'll let the first trailer speak for the game's premise, design structure and action. You can check the game out in action with the trailer below.

If that looks like the kind of game that would make you vomit up enjoyment with cheers and smiles, or cause your thumbs to have an orgasm from the potential fun-factors, then you should hesitate to vote the game up and hopefully get it greenlit.

Right now it's still looking for a stable enough audience via Valve's new indie approval process, which enables gamers to weed out what makes it onto Steam and what doesn't. The game has a fair bit of praise for its art-style, character designs and combat system.

If you want to learn more about Dusty Revenge feel free to visit the Official Website. If you want to see this game make it onto Steam, feel free to give the game an up-vote on the Greenlight Page.

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