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The upcoming expansion pack for Dying Light entitled The Following isn't just a basic 10 minute mission pack with a few reskins and new missions scattered about the game world. It's a whole new experience and the recently released story trailer tries to hammer home some of the mysteries that gamers will encounter outside the city walls.

The trailer was posted over on the Dying Light YouTube page. You can check it out below.

The trailer, while brief and definitely gripping enough to get gamers asking what's going to happen next, left enough room to keep viewers itching for more.

The details of the expansion may not have been made clear in the story clip above, but there were enough tidbits revealed about Dying Light's upcoming expansion pack that should give gamers reason to wonder about what The Following truly entails for the game series from a story standpoint.

According to Techland, developers want to further explore Kyle Crane's story in the world of Dying Light as well as the virus that propels the zombie outbreak. Could a cure really be on the horizon or is it just a false flag?

Players will supposedly have these questions answered in The Following when they step outside the boundaries of the city and begin to explore the hazards and dangers of the great outdoor wilderness known as “Harran's outback”.

The location is said to be as big and expansive as the main map in the original release of Dying Light, so there won't be any reason to be left wanting when it comes to the size of the play area in the upcoming DLC expansion pack.

In fact, the new outback is so large that vehicles will be required for traveling long distances within a short amount of time. And it wouldn't be a Techland zombie game without upgrades; the new content will come ripe with abilities for players to earn to upgrade and deck out their dune buggy with some zombie killing equipment.

Additionally there will be new weapons at the disposal of players as they not only face off against zombies, but a dark occult roaming the wilderness of Harran's outback.

Kyle will also have new weapons and equipment at his disposal to upgrade, deck out, and modify all in the name of surviving in the zombie apocalypse.

The Following DLC expansion pack for Dying Light is not a standalone expansion- you will need the base game if you want to play the expansion pack. Players can either get the new content as part of the season pass or separately as an individual premium package. You can learn more about the new expansion pack and some of what brand new features that Techland happens to be packing into the game by paying a visit to the official website. Dying Light: The Following is due for release this upcoming February in 2016 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.