Tecmo Koei made it known that their new collaboration with Aeria Games for Dynasty Warriors Online is now free-to-play and open to everyone. In addition to simply announcing that the game is finished with beta and available or everyone to play, Aeria Games announced that the game has received some pretty big upgrades, including new weapons.

Some of the new weapons that players will be able to wield include the Iron Sword, the Nine Tails and the Tyrant Sword. This joins the other weapons already available on the game, including the twin sabers, the cudgel, the spear, the axe and dual maces.

Added to this, two more maps were added to the game including the Castle and the Mountain Pass, which are available in both the cooperative modes and the competitive PvP bouts.

You can start downloading the game now and playing your character, completely free of charge. To learn more about Dynasty Warriors Online be sure to visit the Official Website.

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