New assets have become available for the semi-realistic, hack-and-slash, knight-in-armor team-based action game from Paradox Interactive and FatShark, War of the Roses. The screenshots show off some of the bloody battles while the trailer also depicts some carnage on the field, mostly resulting in bloody battles.

The trailer is a little funny because it's a medieval game with slightly realistic overtones of combat and death yet the trailer sounds a little like Breaking Point's "One of a Kind", which instantly makes me think about Rob Van Dam.

Anyways, you can check out the brief E3 teaser trailer below that Paradox Interactive is showing off to E3 attendees right now. Enjoy.

If that trailer didn't quite do it for you then maybe the screenshots will help satiate your thirst for dark-age inspired blood letting.

The game itself is a little like Paradox Interactive and Taleworld's other medieval action-strategy game, Mount & Blade. The obvious difference is that the graphics in War of the Roses are a lot better than Mount & Blade and there is a ton more blood gushing out of the wounds in War of the Roses, lots more blood. In addition to all the blood gushing, and we all like a fair dose of blood gushing, there are more action-oriented controls, which gives gamers a closer-to-console experience for Fatshark's upcoming title. This is, of course, in addition to all that blood gushing that I mentioned.

You can check out the screenshots below -- which could actually use some more of that blood gushing from the trailer above -- or pay a visit the Official War of the Roses Website to learn more about the game. Unfortunately, though, the website doesn't really dwell much on the blood gushing as you might expect.

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