Some brand new post-apocalyptic screenshots for the DayZ Standalone has been released to the public, courtesy of Bohemia Interactive's E3 presence. The new screenshots are entirely in-game and aren't some PR bullshots taken from some non-existent gameplay build set to wow and mesmerize...*cough*Aliens: Colonial Marines*cough*.

Dean “Rocket” Hall and the crew at Bohemia have been hard at work for the past year on finalizing the standalone rendition of DayZ for mass consumer consumption. The closed alpha is currently underway with a small number of individuals from Reddit. The broader alpha test that will include Let's Play YouTube celebrities (and I sure hope SideStrafe gets in because that guy makes some of the best DayZ videos out there) and then eventually things will open up to allow the general public in.

Right now, the game had to be converted over to an MMO-style infrastructure because the biggest complaint about DayZ (apart from the bugs) was the rampant deluge of hackers. The new setup will limit the ability to openly mod the DayZ standalone version but the team sort of had to make a decision given that client-side hacking would still be rampant with the old method.

There is a silver lining to it all and it's that the team would eventually like to get the necessary material out there so private servers can also be made. However, that's some long-term stuff that we'll see when we see.

In the meantime, you can keep your eyes peeled on the DayZ Tumblr for additional information and we'll keep you posted on when that public alpha test will get underway. I can't believe how giddy with excitement the whole ordeal is making the gaming community. Good times.

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