Electronic Arts announced today that the next installment in the Battlefield series - Battlefield Heroes will be released this summer for the PC. It won’t be in stores, though; it’s going to be a free download.

Heroes, designed by Swedish developer DICE, will be funded by advertising revenue and “microtransactions.” While the core game will be free, players will be able to purchase new equipment for a few dollars. It’s unknown how extensive the advertising will be or how powerful the premium items will be.

The game is also said to have “simplified” gameplay to make it more accessible to a wide range of people. Details as far as what weapons, classes, or vehicles will be available are unknown at this time. Artwork released to the press shows the visuals will have a more cartoon-like feel, similar to Team Fortress 2.

Part of the “accessibility” credo for Battlefield Heroes includes moderate system requirements so that a wide range of users can run it. That should appeal to all the PC gamers who have been turning to consoles because they don’t want to fork over a few hundred dollars for upgrades just so their system will run Crysis. We’ll have more details on the game as they surface.

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